OTSSA Birthday Parties

A variety of party options are available for you to host your event, fundraiser, team meetings. Let your imagination be your guide! Or talk to one of our party coordinators to plan your day.

$85.00 per/hour up to 50 guests.

Includes the entire 9000 square foot facility! You can put together a party with all the activities and amenities we have to offer. Setup the facility the way YOU want! We will provide ALL the tables and chairs, State of the Art Sound System with a microphone, Spotify premium to play top 40 clean version, or you can bring in your own list of music to play. ALL the sports equipment, games, & laser lights and blacklights for dance parties.

Sports and games Included:

Basketball, with team seats, scoreboards, shot clocks, bleachers. Referee shirts and handheld whistles are available to use.

Volleyball, 2 full size courts.

Flag football, Soccer, Dodgeball, Gym floor scooters, Wiffleball, kickball, crab soccer, parachutes for groups of 8,12,24, hula hoops, jump ropes, bozo buckets Blacklight games, 3 pin knock down, glow in the dark dodgeball. 13 sets of bean bags for small groups or tournaments.

Families and Groups can bring in family pictures, videos, to be viewed on our big screen or on our roll-a-round 70 inch Mondo screen during your special party or event!!

Customers have access to our computer system Microsoft Office Power Point, for any presentations, during your event. Or if you have an online music account you may want to log into and play music or videos.

ALL you need is your guests, and your own food, drinks and snacks, and any decorations you may want.

 Bounce House, Unlimited Popcorn, and guests up to 250, for a small fee. You are in charge and can enjoy one activity or ALL the activities we have to offer!


$75.00 15’ x 15’ Sports Themed Bounce House *(one time, regardless of hours rented)        

$1.75 per/guest. Unlimited fresh popped butter popcorn

Extra Guest Fees:

$85.00 –           51-100 Guests

$125.00          101-150 Guests

$150.00          151-200 Guests

*(one time, regardless of hours rented)

Family & Friends Parties

The perfect place for families, adults and kids to get together in one place for a night of FUN! Let us setup tables and chairs so groups can bring in their own food/drinks. Adults can play beanbag games for the adults on one side, and the other half of the gym for kids activities, like Basketball with game like setup with Scoreboards, Bleachers, team shirts, Referee shirts. Volleyball Courts, Dodge Ball, Kick Ball, Soccer, Wiffle Ball, Flag Football, Bean Bags, Crab Soccer, Nylon colorful Gym Parachutes for groups of 8,12,24 Kids, Hula Hoops and Jump Ropes, Blacklight and Glow in the Dark Activities, 3 Pin Knockdown, Dodge Ball. Floor Scooters for relay races, crab soccer, Families can bring in their own music, on IPOD, Iphones, so you control your favorite music playlists over our state of the art sound system. Families and Groups can bring in flash drives, laptops, with family videos, slideshow pictures, to be viewed on our big screen during your special event!! A 70 inch Mondo screen is also available to roll anywhere in the facility you want to display your media! Access our computer system for any Power Point presentations for Team meetings or business events. Microphones are available as well!

Movie Night / Camp Out / Lock-In Parties

Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Indian Maidens, Youth Groups, Bring your sleeping bags, tents, picnic blankets, enjoy activities team sports, then turn down the lights and turn up the movie screen for theatre style atmosphere and watch a movie on our state of the art projector and movie screen. Also available is a large commercial Popcorn machine for Fresh Butter Popcorn! Bring in your own drinks and snacks. Rates are based on drop off and pick up times, and number of guests. Call for more details! 219-226-1130

Team Parties

Have your end of the year TEAM gathering at Otssa! Includes all the activities listed in our BIRTHDAY PARTY section! Start off the year or end the season with a Team Get Together, enjoy all the activities, and utilize an HD projector on the gym large screen or 70” HD monitor that you can roll around and setup anywhere, to display team pictures for the season, or just a ton of fun pictures in a slideshow during your event.

Bring in your own food and snacks, order pizzas, and enjoy all the activities, music, sports, all in one place!! Give us a call and let us put together a party to remember!! 219-226-1130

Call us now to find out more. (219) 226-1130

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