What time can I arrive to set up?

  • You are welcome to come in 15 minutes prior to your booking time. We need to respect the event before yours as well as give the staff adequate time to clean and prepare for your event.

What do I have to do at the end of my event?

  • We ask that your personal belongings, decor, food and guests be exiting the gym at the end of the discussed booking time. Ex: If you booked from noon-3:00 pm, you are allowed 11:45-3:00. Our staff will handle the necessary cleaning and tear down.

What is included in booking an event?

  • We provide you with the entire 9,000 sq feet of gym and stage space for your private event. We set up and tear down all the necessary tables & chairs needed for your event.
  • All gym activities listed on the website under Birthday Parties and Special Events are available and can be switched out by an employee during booking time. We provide multiple coolers. Bounce houses are available for an additional fee.
  • We do not include a referee or coaches during events, unless previously discussed prior to booking.
  • We do not provide food or drink packages. You are responsible for the food and drinks you bring to your private event.


  • The 15 minutes prior to your booking time is available for you to decorate the space, table cloths, banners, high chairs for smash cakes, etc. We do not allow glitter, confetti, or confetti filled balloons. Plain balloons are allowed but cannot go into the bounce house for safety purposes. Pinatas can be brought in as long as there is no confetti inside.

What if I have to cancel my party?

  • Cancellation policy: Deposits are non refundable.
    • If you’re canceling your event within 48 hours of your party date, you will lose your deposit and cannot re-apply that deposit to future parties.
    • If you’re canceling your event more than 48 hours before the party date, you will lose your deposit, but if you book another party the same day as canceling you can roll that deposit into the next party. One re-booking per reservation.
    • If you are a no-show for the event, you authorize us to charge your credit card on file for a no-show fee of $150.
    • If you walk out on an event prior to payment you authorize us to charge your credit card on file for the full remaining balance with credit card fee.
    • If an Act of God, or weather event causes OTSSA to close, your party will be rescheduled as soon as possible. No refunds are provided for deposits.

When is a good time to book a party?

  • We offer private parties only, which means you are not sharing your event space with anyone else in small divided party rooms. The best way to secure your date and time is by booking at least 3 months ahead of time.

How do I pay for my event?

  • At the time of booking you will provide payment for a nonrefundable deposit. Your party date and time is not secure until the initial deposit is paid. That deposit will get deducted from the remaining balance. We do not accept full payments early, the remaining balance is due on the day of your event to account for any last minute changes to your party’s invoice.

Safety Guidelines

  • This is a family atmosphere and we are not responsible for child care or monitoring activities based on children’s capabilities. As the host of the event you are responsible for choosing activities based on the needs and level of the guests. Safety is our first priority. An adult needs to be present at all times during the event.
  • Bounce House Rules- NO food,candy, gum etc , NO balloons or balls, shoes need to be removed, adults are welcome to join children.

** This is a private event space, you hold the responsibility and liability for your events. Waivers and liability forms will be attached for review with each invoice. Please feel free to call and ask any other questions you may have. Our first priority will always be the safety of those who enter our facility.